jo baer
Jo Baer, In the Land of the Giants, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. This publication accompanies the exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum May 6 - September 1, 2013. ISBN 978-90-5006-186-5

cover Giants

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Jo Baer: Broadsides and Belles Lettres, Selected Writings and Interviews 1965-2010, Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2010. ISBN 978-90-77459-49-2

cover Jo Baer: Broadsides and Belles Lettres

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Jo Baer: Museum Ludwig Köln, edited by Julia Friedrich, published by Walter Köning, 2013 ISBN:9783863353124


Jo Baer: Revisioning the Parthenon
, compressed version of a work in progress, appendix to Jo Baer: Broadsides and Belles Lettres, Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2010

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Jo Baer: Four Drawings (When Thou Cometh To Woman, Bringeth Thou Thy Whip), 1993, published upon the occassion of an exhibition at the Moore College of Art and Design, ISBN90-73215-08-08-0 

Hardcover reprint 1993 (2015) available
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Jo Baer: Red, White and Blue Gelding Falling to its Right (Double-cross Britannicus/Tri-color Hibernicus); `Tis Ill Pudling in the Cockatrice Den (La-Bas); The Rod Reversed (Mixing Memory and Desire), catalogue, Amsterdam, 1990

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