jo baer
Paintings 1960 - 1970
1966 - Oil on cardboard

Previously unpublished statement for Dan Graham, December 1966. Baer, who was friends with Dan Graham, wrote the text in Graham's characteristically mathematical style. Graham wanted to write an article about her work for the journal Artforum, for which he had written articles in the past. However, the chief editor of Artforum, Philip Leider, refused to have anything more to do with Baer after she had sent a letter to the editors in 1967 criticising Robert Morris and Donald Judd (see Jo Baer: Broadsides and Belles Lettres, pp. 42-44). Even after mediation by Clement Greenberg, Graham's text was never completed and published. 

The photos show one set of double paintings from a series of six double sets all the same shape. The pairs effect a size increment/decrement: 36" x 25.71" x 1.07"; 48" x 34.28" x 1.43"; 60" x 42.85" x 1.79"; 72" x 51.43" x 2.14"; 84" x 60" x 2.50"; 96" x 68.38" x 2.86". The paintings are proportioned for horizontal/vertical qualities: flanking horizontals accentuate the horizontal, a tiered set generalizes in this regard; stacked verticals (see photo) stress verticality, adjacent verticals are neutral. Different chroma, tones, values of the color band are more or less efficient for the different sizes and different horizontal/vertical properties. Two positions are repeated, in different colors, as big and little: the flanking horizontals 48" x 34.28" x 1.43" and 84" x 60" x 2.50"; and the adjacent verticals 60" x 42.85" x 1.79" and 96" x 68.38" x 2.86".